For practical women and men wanting a practical wardrobe approach that works for their unique lifestyle. 


Does this sound like you?

You pick outfits off the mannequins at stores or whatever the sales associate tells you. 

Shopping is a hassle and you don’t know where to find items you love.

Several of your clothes still have the tags on them. 

You admire stylish women from afar but are clueless as to how to mimic their look.

If so, browse my services.


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Closet Session


CUSTOM COLOR ANALYSIS  |  Begin your closet session with a custom color analysis to discover your ideal palette. Walk away with a pocket-sized swatch kit for easy referencing while shopping.


STYLE ASSESSMENT | Next, work  through a fun and insightful assessment to discover your genuine style, your body type, and how to flatter your unique figure.


CLOSET EDIT | Work strategically through your closet to edit unnecessary items, learn how to wear old things in new ways, create dozens of new outfits, and discover new accessory pairings.


TAKEAWAYS  |  Your will have a shopping list, tailoring suggestions, consignment information and a feedback report of the need-to-know personalized tips so you can keep your wardrobe curated the way you like it.




Shopping Session


STYLE ASSESSMENT  |  Next, through a fun and insightful assessment to discover your genuine style, your body type, and how to flatter your unique figure.


SHOPPING TRIP  |  To eliminate all hassle and make it a streamlined experience, wardrobe pieces will be pulled in advance at the stores most suited for your style. Your shopping trip begins with prepped dressing rooms full of hand-picked items ready for you to try on. Learn how to mix-and-match, accessorize, and layer your new pieces. Discover new stores, new brands, and see your new style come to life instantly, on a budget that's realistic and practical. Shopping trips can be in-person or online.




Combo Package


SERVICES INCLUDED  | Everything offered in the Closet Session and Shopping Session will be carried out in the combo package at a discounted price. 


FIRST APPOINTMENT  | The Custom Color Analysis, Style Assessment and Closet Edit will all happen during this consult.  


SECOND APPOINTMENT  |  This is when your shopping trip takes place. It can be completed in-person or online depending on your preferences, list of needs, style and budget.




Are the options above not quite what you are looking for?

Don't worry! I'm happy to customize services and packages based on your needs and goals.

I work with male and female clients of all ages in-person and virtually. 


Book your session by calling 828-429-1049 or email Megan at

Hi, I'm Megan Brandle - Personal Style Coach


I've had a passion for clothes, shoes, accessories, and putting outfits together since I can remember, and I have been unofficially styling my friends and family since I could form a sentence. Knowing what they should wear came easy; “the way” and the science behind it was learned through my college education and through real-world, hands-on training with Shauna of The Studio for Image Professionals.

Growing up, I was always told to “do what you love”, and I am so thankful to be doing exactly that after working hard to receive a BA in Fashion Marketing and Management and becoming a Certified Image Consultant. 

I've been working with male and female clients of all ages to define and execute their own distinct personal style since 2009. Whether it's for a special event or streamlining an entire wardrobe altogether, my expertise will keep you on point and looking great.

I approach each styling session with a sense of practicality and a less-is-more mentality.  I will help you up-level your style in a way that works with your lifestyle and budget. It's my passion to help make life easier for my clients and I can't tell you how great it feels when they tell me they should have done this years ago. 


“I needed help.   Too many clothes.  So many clothes: nice clothes,  cheap clothes, ill-fitting clothes, fat clothes, thin clothes – you get the picture.  I found Megan after googling stylists in Western NC, and to be honest, I was a little intimidated by her online presence, experience and her gorgeous self.  What would this beautiful young accomplished woman be able to do for me – and why would she even want to assist this 53 year old grandma to help organize her closet?

In spite of my trepidation, I got in touch with Megan.  She was willing to drive up to the mountains where I live, brave my quirky dogs, and spend the day with me  helping me determine what clothes to keep and what to discard.  She was funny, decisive, kind and encouraging. She put outfits together for me with clothes, shoes and jewelry  that before then  I never wore.  It was life-changing.  I attended a wedding weekend a couple of days after she came to transform my closet, and I cannot tell you how many compliments I got on my outfits!

I recommend Megan Brandle unreservedly.  She took a load off my shoulders by helping me get rid of carloads of clothes, and she used her exquisite sense of style to get me on track so that my clothes look more “Town and Country” than “Modern Hoarder.”  And, she is delightful.” - CT, Blowing Rock NC

"Every time Megan comes to see me I get so excited because I know when she leaves I will have an amazing wardrobe. I’ve always enjoyed shopping but she makes it even more fun because she gives me the confidence I need. I’ve been using her for over a year now and will continue to because the results are awesome! If you are looking for a stylist, use Megan because she really is the best." - Magen Giles, Atlanta GA

"Megan brought a sense of professionalism to what could potentially be an awkward experience for a male client. From the wardrobe edit to the shopping experience she was able to make me feel comfortable with the whole process and ultimately delivered exactly what I was looking for. She was dedicated to understanding my expectations and my desired outcomes and she set to deliver according to these expectations. Although the bulk of my experience is behind us, I will certainly be using her in the future as my style and fashion preferences change." - Dustin Williams, Charlotte NC

"This was my second time doing a full closet edit with Megan - we worked together during the fall and with spring looming, I knew I needed her expertise to again to help me organize my warm weather clothing. Megan arrived and immediately took charge and helped me make decisions based on how things looked on me and helped me build outfits from my current wardrobe. She also helped me mix and match shoes, scarves and other accessories to dress certain items up or create a more causal look. I didn't know I had so many possibilities at my fingertips. I also realized I was holding on to items I thought were important because of their cost or sentimental value. Megan is really a wardrobe therapist, never telling me that I could not or should not keep something, but walking me through the necessary steps to eliminate pieces that were, in reality, cluttering my space and my ability to dress efficiently. Today my closet is neat and organized. I know what I own and what pairs well together and I can get dressed quickly and feel confident. No changing outfits over and over! Megan also helped me make a list of a few key items that would benefit my wardrobe - little things that wont cost much but have a big impact. Thank you, Megan. I wish I would have done this five years ago." - Jodi Barker, Charleston SC

“I had a fantastic experience working with Megan. She made the entire process from the closet review in Charleston to my shopping trip in Charlotte very easy and efficient. It feels great to walk into my closet now - no more clutter and only outfits that I’m excited to wear. I am very pleased with the results and plan to work with Megan again in the Spring. - Will, Charleston SC

"When it comes to style, Megan Brandle is a professional on every level. She is amazing at finding what look is right for her clients as well as repurposing clothes that her clients already have. She is confident, fun and easy to get along with. The services Megan provides is a smart investment for the woman who wants to project the next level of confidence into her professional and social life by dressing in a way that promotes her best self." - Megan Metcalf, New York, NY

"It’s such a big difference now that I know the direction I’m going in. I’m wearing my clothes ALL THE TIME. I keep getting comments on how good I look! My husband is VERY happy!" – Alesya Opelt of Alesya Bags, Charleston SC

"I was a bit apprehensive when I decided to reach out to Megan. How could this young, attractive woman get me, a sixty+ year old? WOW! She knocked it out of the ball park for me. We immediately connected and I knew that I was headed for something that I could only dare to dream. She literally cleared out my closet and then we shopped. What a treat to walk in stores and have everything ready for me. At the end of the day, I came home with clothes that made me look and feel like a million dollars. And that’s not the end. She came over and put 30+ outfits together. We took photos so that I can remember what goes with what. Every morning I am eager to find what my look will be and every morning I say thank you Megan. I’m looking forward to shopping with her again because the next season is around the corner." - JF

"From the moment Megan stepped foot in my closet, I can honestly say I felt a gigantic shift in my life. You can't imagine clothing and shoes having such an impact on your world, but wow, do they ever! I was hanging on to clothes that were cluttering more than just my closet, they were cluttering my mind and made me question my identity. Megan knew this, understood this and took charge with confidence. She knew where I wanted to be and how I wanted to feel in my clothes. This amazed me, as it was something I couldn't see until the clutter was gone. My closet makes sense now. Everything is cohesive and the best part is that I feel more confident with my wardrobe than I ever have before. I can look at my clothes now with relief and say "yes, that's me!" You know how you have that one 'go-to' piece in your wardrobe? Well, I have countless 'go-to' pieces now! Megan did that. Some people are born with a natural talent and intuition. Megan is one of those people and it's truly unbelievable how much of an impact she has made on my life." - Kristin Pavao, Charleston SC

"I absolutely LOVED my total package experience with Megan Brandle! Before this experience I would walk into my closet and stare or try on several outfits before I would head out! My husband always laughed and said I had a disease! Ha! Now I go in excited to put my outfits together. Whether it be a business conference I am attending, a date night with the hubby or just out and about, I am much more confident in pulling outfits together to look and feel my best! My favorite things I learned was to “tuck and belt” so people can actually see my waistline, Black is not “my best” color choice (most of my closet was black when Megan came to edit it), and lastly no more mini cardigans or capris! I look forward to refreshing my looks every season with Megan!" – M. Williams, Myrtle Beach SC

"I couldn't operate efficiently in my life or business without Megan's help. Knowing that my wardrobe and look is taken care of allows me to focus on the things that are truly important. But what I love most about Megan's services and insight is that she's so keen to detail. She doesn't just stop with the outfit, she ensures the entire ensemble is complete and working for me - undergarments, accessories, shoes, and even shoe inserts to make sure I'm comfortable. She's always honest and I can count on her to tell me if something isn't working without dragging it out of her or dancing around the subject. She's upfront not only about something not working, but shows me why and then offers better alternatives. She has never failed me. Also, there have been things that I would have never in a million years picked out and with Megan's soft encouraging, those have become some of my most favorite pieces. You never know what you're missing out on till you have a 3rd party with a clean eye who can really pull great things for you!" - Shauna Mackenzie, Charleston SC

"Five months ago, a close friend referred me to Megan Brandle. My friend promised that if I invested in one of Megan's wardrobe edits, the days of being five minutes late to work because I couldn't decide what to wear would end. Although, if we're being honest, I was usually more than five minutes late.... So thank goodness she was right! Megan spent a day sorting through everything I owned. Together, we decided what to keep, what to alter and what to donate or consign. We made outfits, consulted on accessories, shoes and purses, and took photographs so that I could remember all our progress.

In one day with Megan, I learned exactly which clothes + colors did--and didn't--flatter me. I'm sure she would've been even more in depth if I had purchased a custom color analysis or splurged on her total package. Even so, she was efficient, energetic and positive throughout the entire process, and she listened carefully. Megan took the time to understand which items were my favorites and least favorites. She also prepared carefully; we built a Pinterest board before the wardrobe edit, so Megan had a good idea of how I liked to dress. 

Megan was so knowledgeable during the wardrobe edit that I couldn't refrain from asking her questions afterward. Together, we selected a beautiful new handbag--just right for my frame and style. And, most recently, we styled a weekend's worth of special occasion outfits. Megan came back to my closet and helped me choose six outfits for an upcoming family wedding. She did this at an hourly rate, and I was amazed--and exhausted!--when all six (including dresses, sweaters, shoes, jewelry and handbags) were completely decided in 60 minutes!!

In every session, Megan has made it clear that clothes are supposed to be fun! Style is a form of personal expression, and it's a disservice to wear something that doesn't make you feel confident, successful, beautiful and unique. It goes without saying that both Megan has enriched my life, both personally and professionally. So let me be the "close friend" who refers you to her, and don't wait another minute before calling Megan! - Katherine Miller, Charleston SC

"Megan helped me so much!  Dressing is much simpler without all the unused clothing in my closet that went to consignment, alterations, and charity. She put together so many looks from the keepers, personal shopped for me for what I needed and showed me how to put things together.  I used to know how to do this, but that was when I was much younger and anything looked good.  It is so nice to have an objective advisor to help!  I find I don't shop nearly as often as I used to because I know what I have and where it is."  AWB